About Master

Founded in 1982, MASTER Divisione Elettrica is a reality in the production of components and systems for electrical installations of low voltage, twenty years of work, twenty years of experience, twenty years at the service of research to offer more and more avant-garde products. A period which has allowed to MASTER to reach, in parallel, increasingly advanced targets from both the technical point of view, both from the commercial one.

With the SISTEMA MODO, a system based on the happy marriage between technology and aesthetics that since its first appearance met the appreciation of the market, MASTER has introduced the concept of multi-functionality of the devices due to the specific qualities of adaptation that make this system flexible during the work, allowing the installer to easily change the use of the appliance by a simple operation of moving the links without the need to place for specific pieces. With a catalog of over 2000 items in a wide range of products for installation systems MASTER meets the needs of the electrical installer offering the availability of a high quality product that presents innovative and important solutions and widespread after-sales care.

MASTER in just 20 years of business history, has become a very important company in the Italian, European and now even worldwide market as regards the civil installations. The reasons for this important achievement can be attributed to a business philosophy that has always set its strategy of development on some basic principles: quality, research, innovation, communication and services. In 2005, Master has certified its quality system ISO 9001: 2000. Since 2006, Master is a ANIE associated company and in August 2007 it moved to its new factory and head office in Via Mario Tognato 16, in Este (PD), in an area of ​​8200 square meters.